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Results: Taste right on, texture good, height needs work

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Posted to Thread #30575 at 6:48 pm on Nov 7, 2018

My taste tester (friend who came to US 4 years ago and has been desperately trying to find a place to buy this cake)...said the following

Her: tastes like she remembers
Me: very mild taste, I think I'd add some vanilla extract. I like lemon so I might add some zest the next time

Her: texture - good but needs to be a little lighter
Me: it's got a little texture like a cake, so you'll see holes but not a lot like you would a cake. Moist and a bit creamy like a cheesecake. So it's kinda a mashup. I like it

Height: should be about an inch or so higher
Me: It was until I took it out of the oven and then it deflated about an inch. We've both googled more videos and some cook at two temperatures - slightly higher for 15 minutes or so and then decrease for the rest of the time. Some when it's done cooking don't remove it from the oven, but turn off the oven and crack the door leaving it there until it cools. Same that I've seen with cheese cakes. I'm wondering if this helps the deflating.

Next steps: she's going to try and make this weekend. She has said that once when she made it back home it ended up flat as a pancake. But, she will try with a little vanilla, dual cooking temps and cooling in the oven. Oh and I cooked mine in convection oven, she won't use convection. We'll see how that goes. Learn from that and see where we have to tweak again.

I do like the cake. Not sweet. Sort of creamy-cakey. I guess that's why they call it "cotton" cheesecake?

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