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Cathy Zadel

Steaming eggs is so amazing. I can't believe I used to boil them.

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Posted to Thread #30583 at 4:14 pm on Nov 9, 2018

Karen, I don't eat eggs Momofuko-style but I do make soft-steamed eggs once in a while for a wonderful pork ramen bowl. I usually do 6 eggs at a time. I get the water boiling then set the steamer over the top and let it go for 6-8 minutes. I don't bring the eggs to room temp first. I take them right out of the fridge. You will just have to experiment with timing.

Of the hundreds of eggs I have steamed since I discovered steaming vs boiling eggs, I have never had one egg hard to peel. Not even one. It is an amazing technique. I find when I steam until eggs are "hard boiled" once cooled down in ice water I can put them in the fridge before peeling and use later. They STILL peel easily.

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