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I think that is a sad reality of today's 'bread'. I bought a loaf today for 97cents to make a

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mushroom hors d'oeuvre from many decades ago. Rolling pin makes it into the basis for a curried mushroom pinwheel. I may groan but it worked in the 70s and I need something easy.

I love this opportunity to get your old neighbour back to his memories. Sliced bread didn't exist so the bread may have been thick and cubed. Simple, lots of vanilla and raisins.

So I have consulted my grandma's recipe book. Can't tell you when it was published because the first 24 pages have disappeared. But I leaf through it very carefully, very tenderly, and guess..1900 - 1905.

Bread Pudding:
2 c. stale bread crumbs (yes, not cubes...I think there were different def'ns then)
1 qt. scalded milk
1/3 c. sugar
1/4 c. melted butter
2 eggs
1/2 t. salt
1 t. vanilla or 1/4 t. spice (no, there is nothing specific)

Bake one hour. Of course, the obvious I have left out. But here is an interesting comment:

"In preparing bread crumbs for puddings avoid using outside crusts. With a coarse grater there need be but little waste."

Yes, my grandmother was British. I love this little ancient treasure.

Where were the raisins? On the farms, there were no fruits in the winters, but my GM had a recipe in her handwritten 'scribbler' for Emergency Raisin Pudding. It's still good.

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