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I have made and stored pie dough in the fridge for 2 days B4 rolling out and using, but BH&G says U

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can do it 3 days ahead==>

BH&G comments: You can also refrigerate unbaked pie dough or unbaked pie crust for up to 3 days. Keep tightly covered with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

PS from Wigs: I also put my dough into a plastic Zip-Lock bag to store in addition to wrapping it in plastic wrap first before storing in either the fridge or in the freezer.

Other opinions:
Monita is a Recipe Tester for Food52 who says

You can keep well-wrapped pie dough in the fridge if you plan on using it within 24 hours. Otherwise, I'd put it straight in the freezer

Shuna is a pastry chef in New York City and author of the acclaimed blog Eggbeater says
I will second the 24 hour rule. It also depends on how cold your refrigerator is and if there's butter in your dough. a pie dough made exclusively with vegetable shortening is not quite as sensitive to oxidizing as one made with only butter. Also the disc of dough should be as flat as possible. If you're needing to thaw it before rolling, thaw it slowly in fridge rather than at room temp.

ChefOno says

Rose Levy Beranbaum says two days stored in the refrigerator (frozen up to three months). I've gone longer in the refrigerator but at some point mold will appear in as dark spots distributed throughout the dough. Ick. Moist flour creates ideal conditions for mold.

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