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Posted to Thread #30599 at 6:37 am on Nov 18, 2018

I have been cooking like a fiend. No recipes as usual, I just wing it...

This week in the kitchen:

a huge casserole of stuffed peppers. I used green, red, yellow, and orange stuffed with a Turkish chicken and rice stuffing (chicken breast, brown jasmine rice, parsley, oregano, black pepper, red pepper, cilantro, cumin, garlic, onion, pickles, hot paprika).. My big trick was I had some canned garlic pickled veg from my garden from a couple years back that was soft when I opened it, but still tasted great. I added a quart of the pickle (cabbage, carrot, onion, red pepper, cauliflower, etc....) and tomato sauce. It was amazing. I stuffed the peppers and poured a can of pureed tomatoes, chicken stock, fresh garden herbs over the peppers, laid criss-crosses of bacon over each pepper, and baked. Then, topped with shredded Emmentaler near the end of baking and it was sublime.

Then there were cookies. 8 dozen Spitzbuben (they're called Linzer in this country), 10 dozen gingersnaps, and 6 dozen Russian Tea Cakes for a reception.

Several salads and soups...

And tonight's baked ham dinner.

I found a big-assed ham at the grocery for $10 in the mark downs. I have always unwrapped these grocery hams and baked. Dried cut side, etc.

So, I channeled my grandmother: I boiled that sucker. I poured over it the house Cherry Bourbon, and sprinkled it with cinnamon and cloves and did a nice long simmer which also pulled the salt out of it. Then, I speared it and put it on a rack, and coverered with peach bourbon sauce, crushed pecans, bread crumbs, and brown sugar (mix it up and spackle the ham). Put it back in the 450F oven to glaze, and it was, excuse, me: Awesome. We could tast the bourbon, cherry, and peach; the ham was so wonderfully flavored with the above. Grandmother always boiled her ham before glazing.

I served the ham dinner with kale, sweet potatoes, and salad:

Salad: arugula lettuce, butter lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumber, tomato, corn, peas, grapes, blackberries, smoked almonds, homemade 1000 Island with chopped hard boiled eggs, pickle relish, etc.

Cornbread: Stone-ground Weisenberger grits, semolina, wheat flour, clabbered milk, sour cream, butter, eggs, baking powder, sea salt. Batter poured into smoking hot cast iron skillet with bacon fat.

Kale:2 hour simmer of kale, bacon, onions, garlic, red peppers, vinegar, sugar, and coconut aminos.

Sweet Potato Stacks:. Mandolined thin slices of potato layered in buttered muffin tins with asiago, thyme, rosemary, garlic, salt, and pepper. Then hot cream with crushed garlic, white pepper, and butter poured over the stacks. Bake covered with foil. 10 minutes before finishing, remove foil and cover top with cheese, melt, brown. Invert. Beautiful. Delicious.

Marg's Coq au vin recipe. Wow. Every pan and dish in the kitchen was dirty, but what a glorious dish. I marinated the chicken in the wine, herbs, and veg for 3 days and it was just simply stunning. I will be using this recipe from now on. However, I did keep my bacon rolls as garnish. They are always a hit.

A chocolate covered cherry trifle: Leftover chocolate cake, bittersweet ganache, and maraschino cherry flavored meringue icing became a trifle filled with chunks of chocolate cake spackled with ganache and chopped maraschino cherries, homemade cherry jam, sprinled with cognac, and layers of the pink icing standing in for whipped cream. Top was garnished with cherries and shaved chocolate. It was devoured. I'm surprised they didn't lick the bowl!

Breads this week were 18-grain loaves and sourdough rye batards.

I have pics, just need to figure out how the photo post is working here on the new site. Paul, you explained how it worked on the old site, but that doesn't seem to be working on the new site. Is the photo upload still available? Thanks.

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