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Richard in Cincy

No Thanksgiving this year.

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Posted to Thread #30599 at 8:43 pm on Nov 18, 2018

The thing of it is, next time I "wing" it, the dish will be completely different. It's how I roll. My cooking is dependent upon my mood and my needs. Comfort food: channeling my grandmother. I can recreate every one of her dishes nearly exact. But if I'm on a whim, I'll take her dish and transport it somewhere else and have fun. I can go to the kitchen, head toward Mexico, and end up in Thailand before I'm finished. It's just how I cook.

The assorted branches of family are with their other families this year, the planets, moon, and stars all lined up and Jupiter aligned with Mars.

I have made reservations to dine in style at the Netherland Plaza in the Hall of Mirrors for the traditional Thanksgiving buffet.

Jackie dined here with JFK so I'm in good company.

No cooking, no leftovers, no cleanup.

I'm a lucky boy.

The family hoarde descends for Christmas this year and it will be over the top. I'm serving old Kentucky traditional menu with Kentucky Ham, smoked turkey, cornbread dressing, Russian potatoes, pan gravy, scalloped oysters, corn pudding, baked onions, tangerine and honey glazed carrots, Kentucky 7-layer salad, cranberry relish, pole beans and ham with onions, Austrian dinner rolls, green tomato and watermelon rind pickles, blackberry jam cake with caramel icing, transparent pies, German's Chocolate cake, overflowing punch bowls, platters of German Christmas cookies, house egg nog, cherry bourbon, cognac, & chocolates.

Photo: The Netherland Plaza Hall of Mirrors where I shall dine on Thanksgiving Day.

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