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I had serious problems using their baking products (flour, sugar and mixes)

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Posted to Thread #30606 at 9:51 pm on Nov 20, 2018

This was over 10 years ago, so hopefully things changed.

The sugar, once I looked carefully, said 'PURE SUGAR' but did not specify PURE CANE SUGAR. It could have been beet sugar, date sugar, who knows what sugar, etc. It was very finely ground, almost powdery...much finer than Domino or CF sugars.

Their flour reacted differently from the KA all-purpose I had been baking with for years when used in recipes I knew.

Their boxed mixes left an off-taste. I stopped even giving those products away.

And it wasn't just me. A coworker had a chocolate cake she made every year for her son's birthday. One day she stopped me in the hall and asked for baking advice, saying the cake hadn't worked out at all this year and could I figure out what she had done wrong. I asked a few questions and then she mentioned Aldi. And I asked if she bought her ingredients there? Yes to flour, sugar, cocoa and vanilla. I suggested she go back to pantry ingredients she used to buy and try it again. Cake worked perfectly once again. Made a believer out of her. She LOVED that cake.

Aldi's candy, on the other wonderful. And their produce prices were well below my local stores.

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