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Review: don’t make this pie.

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Posted to Thread #30604 at 1:12 am on Nov 25, 2018

There are just so many things wrong with this pie I’m not really sure where to begin. But will start at the crust, which clearly makes way too much, but since I didn’t wanna do a lot of math I just cut it in half. Which turned out to be a good thing. Why do you ask? Because the pie shrank so much that I had to make It a second time. And even then I should’ve allowed more for the shrinkage. And it says to use a very sharp knife to cut it out, which I did, but didn’t get a good puff on the edges until the second time when I used a pair of scissors. For all the fancy let’s make Carmel to Sweeten this pie, It really wasn’t worth it. No matter the fact that I was very proud of the fact that I didn’t burn the Carmel and it all came out perfectly, but all said and done I thought it tasted kind of bland. It didn’t call for cloves in the recipe so I added that tasting as I went. I still felt it needed something, But I didn’t wanna vary too far from her recipe because it wouldn’t have given it a chance. There were lots a little things in the directions that were off. I didn’t make the letters to put on top, but I did try some cut out cookies leaves that I was going to decorate the top with, But again the shrinkage was so extreme You couldn’t really tell what they were after they were baked. Also I thought the ruffled look of the top using a leaf tip was more messy looking then I’d liked, So I started out by piping poofs around the edge with the star tip. Then I thought oh my God I’ve got so much whipped cream this is not gonna work. So then I layered on with a giant rope size In two stacked circular layers on then more star tips and then a giant poof in the middle, because the topping was one whole quart of whip cream (!) plus the marscapone, which I knew was going to be a lot but in reality was oh my god this is so much! (Btw I had to double the sugar amount in the topping so you could taste sweetness). It would be over the top even for the British baking show!

Later, I may post photos. The before whipped cream pie which was cracked and looked very sad in it’s shrunken shell. Then the cover the multitude of sins in whipped cream version that all in all I didn’t really like the taste of save the whipped cream, which would be amazing all on its own.

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