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Posted to Thread #30625 at 2:40 pm on Nov 26, 2018

It goes on display at the public library today, hopefully making it down my steep driveway in one piece. I used elements from previous years so, on the good side, there wasn't as much trauma since I knew where to avoid the pit holes.

On the bad side, I'm typing with numb fingertips due to hot glue gun incident and the kitchen is one big sticky mess. I ground up leftover white chocolate shingles in the food processor to melt and fill in roof gaps. At least that was the general plan until I knocked it off the counter, breaking the handle off my 38-year old processor and getting itty, bitty waxy bits of chocolate everywhere. It even ricocheted around the corner so that the vacuum picked it up on its wheels. I actually had to clean off the wheels of my vacuum. If there is a more useless waste of time, I'd like to know it. I'll be cleaning that crap up for the next month.

The library doesn't have a Toys for Tots fundraising event, but I stuck the sign in anyway to push the hint. There was a moment when I considered added a mounted, antlered-deer head ornament over the door, but sanity stepped in and bi+ch-slapped me back to reality.

I am, however, genuinely concerned that this highly religious area will NOT get my humor and think the melting snowmen are insulting. Also, I'm possibly advocating Robot Violence.

Warning, Will Robinson, Warning!

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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