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Good article, C...and very true. My neighbor up the road (about 2/10 of a mi) just

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Had 3 bears on her porch, breaking into their 31-gallon metal garbage can filled with bird feed. It's bungee-closed, but they just pried off the rim around the bungee and got in.

They have at least 10 bird feeders off this high porch (it's attached to second floor), always filled with bird seed, plus hubbie puts out peanut butter & seed. I think the hummingbird feeders have been pulled in. Two were cubs, but Mama showed up after the third night. They climbed up the steps from the ground floor but went down the posts like acrobats.

I have asked neighbors for YEARS why they don't get critters up there because they also throw food over the side to "naturally" compost. They replied the scent of their two dogs and two cats were enough to keep wild animals away.

I believe that theory will need to be reevaluated.

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