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Everything improves when you add chocolate, even Thanksgiving.

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Posted to Thread #30628 at 1:26 am on Nov 27, 2018

Maybe it was the Thanksgiving two years ago, when my family and a friend who was staying with us, was hit with norovirus (thank you, preschool petri dish), but ever since then, I haven't been too fond of Thanksgiving. I'm also usually doing 90% of the cooking for a crowd that didn't grow up eating this slightly weird collection of foods (but who are too polite to decline the invitation, I guess?), and usually only a handful of things turns out to be worth the time, money, and effort. (Turkey, potatoes, stuffing never measure up to what they ought to taste like.)

This year I got grumpy and decided to add a chocolate tart to the mix. It improved Thanksgiving drastically, in my view. ;) I recommend it. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.


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