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Posted to Thread #30640 at 3:19 pm on Dec 7, 2018

For your frozen meatloaf: I assume you froze several loaves? Freezing may help tame the pepper but what I would do is to thaw either all or just one at a time when you want to use it, put the meat in a mixing bowl and add a splash of low sodium soy sauce or some salsa (I like Pace Picante Sauce) either green or red. I probably would also add some shredded cheese to add fat too. Then put back in the pan and bake it. I don't know what you put in your meatloaves so not sure the ingredients will work but if you want to share the recipe maybe we can help figure it out. Then I would toss the entire container of peppercorns and take the loss because picking the white ones out seems a little silly to me:)

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