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Michael in Phoenix

Marilyn, you've got me thinking about the green chile potato pancakes I make for breakfast after...

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Posted to Thread #30684 at 4:48 pm on Jan 1, 2019

...a big feast with leftover mashed potatoes.

I don't really have a recipe, but eyeball the ingredient proportions.

I mix the mashed potatoes (usually CI's Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes -my go-to basic recipe) with chopped green chiles (505 brand Hatch Green Chile), beaten eggs, lots of Monterrey jack cheese (shredded) and a little AP flour, along with salt and pepper to taste.

I stir the mixture just until it will hold its shape when poured out into a skillet with hot melted butter, just as a batch of pancakes would behave.

Family goes nuts.

Your post makes me wonder if I could do basically the same ingredients, but make the dough somewhat stiff. I could then form patties, dip in egg wash (maybe, maybe not?) and coat with panko before frying to a lovely golden brown.

Hmmmm. Sounds really good to me.

Thanks for the idea, my Dear.


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