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Well, that'll teach me to go shopping without my reading glasses. What do I do with...

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Posted to Thread #3443 at 2:17 pm on Sep 9, 2006

a small box of green lentils that I THOUGHT was priced $3.99, but was ACTUALLY priced $9.99?

No, no...for $9.99, let us call them precisely what they are:
"La Lentille Verte Du Puy"
"Groene Linzen Uit Le Puy"
"Le Puy Grüne Linsen"

Obviously, $9.99 helps pay for a translator.

So...any suggestions on how to use 500g of French lentils? Considering I pay 89¢ a pound for brown ones, my repertoire is not all that sophisticated.

The brand is "Sabarot" and they have a cute little website. If you go in through the Lentil graphic, recipes are found at the upper right corner. Or else, pick the escargot from the front page and that will get you directly to the recipes. When you find them, drag your mouse to turn the pages to view the recipes book-style.

Just about all of them looked tasty, but I figured they were working with good French pork and good French duck fat--so I'd like to try my first recipe based on stuff I can get here.

I checked epicurious recipes, but while reading the reviews of the one that got the highest rating, I noticed quite a few mentioned leaving the lentils out next time. Well, gee, that doesn't help.

Just as soon as I get a T&T recipe, I'll sit down and enjoy the dish with the $3.99 imported gingersnaps which also rang up as $9.99.

If my eyes had been as WIDE OPEN as they were when the cashier told me the final bill, I'd have seen the actual prices.


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