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Food Network Canada didn't want comments on programming or TV "Chefs"

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Posted to Thread #3649 at 1:52 am on Sep 23, 2006

a few years back when they eliminated their chat forum after so many people expressed their dislike for some of their "Stars". I remember someone started a thread that just never quit titled "Daphna Shut UP" (in honour of Daphna Rabinovich (sp?) on the Canadian Living cooking show) And who can stand Food's apparent "Superstar" Christine Cushing? I always felt like she was going to poke my eye out the way she flailed her hands around; if they taped her mouth shut and tied her hands behind her back the show may have been tolerable because of the good guests they managed to get. Yet she's on at least 5 times a day - or seems to be. I don't get it. I don't watch much Food Network Canada because of the overwhelming majority of Really BAD shows. Give me PBS anyday.
Sorry for the rant, I just really used to like watching all the cooking shows and felt cheated when they got rid of the good shows in favour of "Canadian content". Monday night has the only good shows now IMO - Kyle Kwong, and Gordon Ramsey for example - neither of which are Canadian. In this huge country there must be a few good chefs, but like the rest of the government funded Canadian media, they are obviously not members of the Liberal "in crowd" and so will never get a show on Food
I suspect if Food is begging for feedback now it's because they have finally had to acknowledge how bad their programming is - maybe the government funding is finally being cut off - wouldn't that be a miracle for the taxpayers in this country.

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