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Looks good Michael! I find that some people like the stuffed Kitchen Sink omelets---

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and at work, I have an omelet or scramble of the day every day, but people can also invent one from the pan of chopped stuff on my work table and some do choose everything.

Some simple favorites are:

Bacon, Tomato and Cheddar

A Russian, which is chopped cooked potatoes,chopped green onion and cream cheese

Italian Sausage, mushrooms and provolone

Mushrooms, red bell pepper, Swiss, sometimes meat

Greek with feta, olives, sundried tomatoes, spinach.

Lots of Mexican combos--green chilies, onion, tomato, spicy sausage?

And the old favorite - Joe's Special, a scramble with hamburger, onions,spinach, and parm.

Taco Scramble-cook off some hamburger in a skillet, add chopped onions and tortilla strips, when soft add beaten eggs, when cooked through plate and add some queso blanco or your choice.

Shrimp or crab also go very well with green onions and cream cheese.

I've also done some off the wall combinations, since some people are night workers and breakfast is their dinner--
Leftover ratatouille with feta or other cheese?

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