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Hi Carol. Yes, welcome. Some of my favorite omelets have

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leftover/cooked vegetables, cheddar cheese, and cream cheese in them.

Sauteed mushrooms are good in there too. I usually end up topping mine with sour cream and/or salsa, and always leave them a little "wet" when sliding them out of the pan. I've never had a problem doing this (safety-wise), and prefer it that way than to having a dry, tough omelet.

Careful to use a hot pan to which you have added a teaspoon or so of olive oil after it gets hot. Keep pushing the center of the omelet in, so you don't end up with crispy edges (unless you lie them that way! ;o)).

There is a restaurant here that offers over 50 different fillings for their omelets... some of them are sardines (ugh), peanut butter, broccoli, cream cheese, any kind of cheese you can imagine, tuna salad, cherry sauce, blueberries, strawberry jam, and even chocolate chips. I've never eaten with anyone who got tooooo adventurous though.


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