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Many thanks to all who helped with the party planning...

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Posted to Thread #6676 at 4:33 am on May 21, 2007

I think this is the first time I've sat down in 3 days! Good lord, I had no idea what I'd signed on for...but alas, it's over now. Everyone was really happy with the food. Thanks for the recipes shared...I'm looking forward to trying them all this summer.

Okay, here's what the final menu looked like:

Sevillian Marinated Carrots (from the "New Spanish Table" by Anya von Bremzen)
Black Olive Paste (Tapenade from Todd English's "Olives Table"
Hummus (From "Moosewood")
Orzo Salad with Cucumber, Basil, Tomato & Feta (from The "Macrina Bakery & Cafe")
Joe's Chickpea & Green Bean Salad
Epi's Meatballs with Bulgur in Onion & Tomato Sauce
Moussaka (Recipe a blend from Culinary Communion & Epicurious)
Chocolate Stout Cake
A Cote Brownies
Strawberries with Ganache for Dipping

Okay, now that I'm looking at the list, no wonder I'm bone tired! And yes, we did have too much food. Oh well...I'm definitely learning here...

Joe's salad was great. I loved the technique of shredding the raddish. Added nice color with a bit of bite.

I made the salads and the meatballs because I wasn't sure how the moussaka would go over. It turned out to be a huge hit...much to my surprise.

On Friday I thought we'd have 30 people then over the weekend, I learned it would be more like 50. By then, I'd already made the cake, so I made brownies to fill in. Strawberries were on sale and amazing...dipped in left over ganache from the cake.

Okay, I'm off to bed now! Many thanks again everyone.


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