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I waited years to make this recipe (till all the ingredients were available...but it sounds like...

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here but it sounds like the one you are looking for and it is the very best and was so worth waiting for!!

The Original Tiramisu
This from an article by James Villas in a
special section of a 1991 NYtimes magazine
section on Italian food. Title -" In search
of the original tiramisu"

Among the instruction in this fascinating
article is not to use any
substitutions.I waited, here in Israel, 3
years for the proper ingredients. It was
well worth the wait.

Tiramisu - serves 8-10

5 c. strong cold espresso coffee
32 Savoiradi (Italian ladyfingers)
10 egg yolks
10 tbs sugar
1 lb. maascrapone cheese
1-2 tbs. marsala wine
2 c. heavy cream
3 tbs. unsweetened cocoa powder

Pour the cold coffee into a large pie plate,
dip 16 of the ladyfingers very quickly into
the coffee & line the bottom of a 12x9x2"
oval dish with ladyfingers.
In large mixing bowl, whisk eggs & sugar
till frothy, add the mascarpone & Marsala, &
whisk till well blended & smooth. In
another bowl, whisk the cream til stiff &
fold into the mascarpone mix. til well
blended & smooth. Using a large pastry bag
pipe about 1/2 mix. over ladyfingers. Dip
the remaining ladyfingers quickly into
coffee, arrange another layer of
ladyfingers over cheese mix. & pipe
remaining mix. over ladyfingers in
attractive design. Cover w. plastic wrap &
chill at least 6 hrs. CAn be frozen up to 2
months. To serve- sprinkle cocoa powder
through fine sieve over the entire
surface. Spoon portions into dessert
plates serve w. large spoons.

My personal notes - I use any Italian brand
ladyfingers - absolutely different from
American. I also don't pipe - just put
carefully. Enjoy. Elaine Barel (Tel AViv,)

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