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Rec: Pan-Seared Tuna with Ginger, Miso and Cilantro Sauce – My scrumptious dinner last night!

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Posted to Thread #8029 at 9:15 pm on Sep 24, 2007

My notes:

The tuna:

I halved the tuna recipe using two 1” thick slices totaling .81 lb. of fresh Hawaiian ahi tuna. The label on the wrapped fish read ‘Tuna ahi Honolulu’… I wonder what Waikiki or Oahu tastes like – LOL! Since the recipe is intended to be eaten rare, it’s very important that you use only ahi (or otherwise known as sashimi (raw) grade) tuna. I've used "previously frozen" ahi tuna from the supermarket before which costs much less. Of course I couldn't find it when I wanted to buy it yesterday...

I overcooked the tuna a bit but it was still a nice pink inside and seared beautifully on the exterior. This marinade is absolutely wonderful.

The sauce:

I made the full amount of the sauce substituting 2 TBS. of low sodium soy for the yellow miso as some reviewers suggested. Although the ginger I bought looked okay after breaking off a piece and smelling it, it wasn’t quite up to snuff (I hate that!!) after I minced it so I tossed it and used a half TBS. of ground ginger in its place and it worked well. The sauce is delicious and complements the tuna big time.

I’m glad I made the full amount of sauce. I served the tuna on a pool of sauce and also a bit on the top. I was very happy with my choice of jasmine rice as a side.

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