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Your fondue suggestions?

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Posted to Thread #19 at 4:27 am on Dec 10, 2005

Long post but my request is at the end. I got a new fondue pot. I made cheese fondue for the first time by doing the following:

I put about 1/8 cup of dry vermouth in the pot and started the flame. I used the dry vermouth in place of a suggested "dry white wine" because all I had handy was a pretty expensive Chardonay that I didn't want to open.

Next I crused a clove of garlic, cut it in have and let it cook a bit in the vermouth which was now bubbling. I added a pinch of black/white pepper.

While that happened I shredded about equal parts of gruyere and cheddar which I then tossed in flour fully coating all of the cheese shreds.

I then added that to the vermouth. It became apparent to me that I didn't use enough vermouth as the cheese was too thick. But I added some more and eventually it was very good. We had it with bread and apples.

Now I'd be interested in both cheese and chocolate recipes. My cheese was OK but I've had much better at restaurants. But what I'd really like to know is some suggestions for doing a broth/meat fondue. Several years ago my wife and I were in Quebec City and we ate at a a Swiss Restaurant in that main square just off the area where Chateau Frontenac looks down at the river. It was fall and cold but we ate outside and it was great with the fondue warming us. They served a hot broth boiling in the fondue pot and various meats shaved razor thin that you actually cooked in the broth by dipping them with your fondue fork. You saw the meat cook in a couple of seconds. It was very fun and great tasting. We had a second pot with a cheese fondue with bread. And it was nice to mix it up. I believe they had some fruit as well. Anyone have any ideas on what exactly you use for the meat/broth scenario?


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