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A favorite note from Moyn...about latkes and meeting her hubby.

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Subject: Latke Recipe
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001
From: Moyn

My fav "recipe" is one I learned from watching my grandmother make them.... and I just do what she did..... and feel my way. Basically, I grate the potatoes (russet, not Yukon gold...LOL.. see the Swap & my comments).... by HAND!!!! Never in the food processor.. I use an old wire grater, but before I had that one, I used the box grater. Then I grate either one or two onions, depending on the quantity of potatoes. I don't drain the potatoes, btw. If you cannot grate the last part of the onion I just cut it up in small enough pieces so that they'll cook.. Then I add some Kosher salt, some pepper, dash of nutmeg and some parsley flakes (last is optional)... and then a couple of eggs or 3, again depending on the amount of batter... and then a couple of tbsp of matzo meal, and a couple of tbsp of flour... AND, I always add a tsp or so of baking powder to make them puff up.... don't really know if it works or not, LOL, but I've been doing it that way for so many years and it's fine. Then I fry them in vegetable oil until they are browned, flip em and brown the other side. I usually use a tbsp for the first batch or two.... and then, afterward, use a tsp, cause those are the ones that invariably go in the freezer to be pulled out for hors d'oevres, as needed. This was actually how I "snagged" Teddy. We had our first date on a Sunday afternoon (it was a blind date) and he was super late.... maybe an hour, so I assumed I was being stood up. My parents were out of town, and I was making potato latkes for my sister, and was smack in the middle of grating, when the doorbell rang, and my date finally showed himself, LOL. Well.... we had our date, after I finished preparing the dinner for my sister..... but he went home and repeated the story of the preparation to his Mama!! LOL.... (she would later rue the day she championed me, LOLOLOL).... And her ONLY question was: Did she grate the potatoes by hand, or prepare the latkes from a mix. His reply was: “No Maaaa, she did it by hand”, and hers was: "THAT's a NICE girl.... don't let her get away!!” LOLOL

With that my friend, I must run to the kitchen.... Dana is coming for dinner, to exchange Chanukah gifts .... gotta do a salad... have already seasoned a roaster with Lemon & fennel & garlic.. (like Sandra's pork roast but w/lemon added)..... I'll also roast a bunch of broccoli florets with rosemary & olive oil... and I just took a Chocolate Pecan Pie out of the oven.. Smells heavenly!! Have a luvverly evening!!

More latke notes from Moyn: Bear in mind, in between batches, you have to keep restirring the batter, since the liquids seem to separate. Lots of people pour that stuff out, but I like to mix it in, think it makes my latkes stand out, not as heavy! Serve them up with a small bowl of sour cream and another of applesauce. Mmmmmmmmmmm, pure heaven!!! Have fun! and a great grate day, LOLOLOLOL.

4/02 note from Moyn: BTW, I just used the last of the December batch, for hors doevres last w/e....baked em up at 485 to crisp.... and then topped them with sour cream and caviar. They were delicious! Guess I'll have to break in the new grater, next week, when it arrives, to have some in my freezer! It's a good rainy day project, since I only use 1 fry pan, and it always seems to take me over an hour to get them all fried up & packaged!

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