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Moyn's Citrus -Cilantro Gravlax

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Rinse & pat dry 2 1-1 1/2lb. salmon fillets (skin on), run your fingers along the flesh side; remove any bones using sterile pliers. Cut several slashes into the skin. Combine 3/4 cup raw sugar, 3/4 cup kosher salt and 2 tsp white pepper. Set aside. Thoroughly wash & dry 1 large bunch cilantro and 1 large bunch flat leaf parsley. Combine the leaves & tender stems. Use half the herbs to make a bed in a glass dish large enough to hold the salmon. Sprinkle on half the sugar-salt mixture. Lay the salmon on top, skin side down. Pour 3 ounces (6 tbsp) citron-flavored vodka
over the fish. Sprinkle the remaining sugar-salt mixture over the fish.
Cover the fish with 3 thinly sliced Key limes.Spread the remaining herb mixture of top. Cover the salmon completely with plastic wrap followed by aluminum foil and a clean kitchen towel. (Like I would have used a filthy one!!! ha!) Top with 5 lbs of weight, such as several cans from your pantry. Refrigerate for 6 hours. Uncover the fish & drain any liquid. Re-cover, replace the weight & refrigerate for 40 hours, turnining twice. (Set your timer!) Remove the salmon from the dish and wipe off the herbs & seasonings. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap & refrigerate for up to 4 days.

To serve, cut away the skin and slice the salmon thinly, on the diagonal. Serve with lightly buttered dark bread or toast points.

Makes 12 - 14 appetizer servings.

From Aquaterra Restaurant in Palm Beach.

Moyn's note: It has been my experience that this can be frozen, as I freeze, very successfully, my Smoked Salmon recipe, and it lasts for months in the freezer, all ready to be pulled out at a moment's notice, for company.

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