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Preserved Lemons:

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I have these lovely little mustard jars that hold just one lemon. I sometimes make a couple of wee jars, as I do a jar full, for a small hostess gift.

Squeeze the juice of many lemons (about 5) and set aside.

Wash about 5 unblemished firm lemons well.

Cut lemons into 1/4 almost through. (I cut some into wedges and some carefully cut almost through but still keep the shape so it looks good in the jar...I do about 1 doz at a time)
Salt...I like to use Kosher salt but any salt will do.

Pour as much salt over and on the sliced lemons and arrange in well washed jars, uncut side down.
Add more salt, sprinkling through as you pack the jar.
Pour over the squeezed lemon juice. Top right up.
Seal the jars and leave on the window sill for a couple of weeks, turning every few days.

I usually refridgerate after opening but this is because it is an easier storage than a cupboard.

It is not necessary to go the whole canning way with sterilizing and sealing lids. The salt is a great preserver.

To use:
Take a piece of the lemon out of the jar, wash the fruit and pith away from the skin under running water.
Chop or slice and add to many dishes. It enhances the flavours in a very special way.

There are other recipies out that use other spices but this recipe of only salt and lemon juice is the best in OHO.

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