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Geez Louise, I actually found it. The Archive Gods must be smiling: Marg's 3-Day Italian Rosettes

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Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 05:45:59 GMT
From: Sharon H. (@ [])

Rec: Marg's 3-day Italian Rosettes...
Wow - I had it on my hard drive.

From: Margaret in PA (@

Claire, from one mad woman to another, I
have hit pay dirt!!!!.. It's long so get comfy.

Cartellate o "Rose"

3 1/2 cups fancy durum flour
1 large egg
1/3 cup very warm olive oil, plus some for
frying ( I am sure you can use veggie oil,
but this is an old recipe, plus olive oil is
better for you despite what the so called
experts say)
1/2 cup warm white wine.

For the filling:
3 1/2 cups grape jelly or red currant jelly
2/3 cup honey
about 2 cups dry red wine or dessert wine.
water can be used in a pinch.
oil for frying.

For decoration:
ground cinnamon
ground cloves
thousands and millions (those are usually
referred to as candy sprinkles)

Place flour in a mixing bowl (you can use
your Kitchen Aid) add the egg and mix well.
Add the warm oil all at once and mix well
again, add the wine and mix well. the dough
should be look like regular pasta dough, if
not add more wine as needed. After the dough
is well mixed, knead (even if in the electric
mixer) 4 minutes. Wrap in clear plastic paper
( saran) and leave for 15 minutes. then roll
out the dough, like you would to make pasta,
by hand, or with a pasta machine. the dough
should be just a little under 1/8 inch thick.
with a pastry wheel cut into strips about 1
1/2 inches wide and about 12 inches long.
Using a brush moisten the top edge lenghtwise
with a little wine. Place the tip of your
index finger vertically 1 inch from either
end, lift and pinch the top and bottom edges
around your finger to form a cup. Continue
the process the length of the dough ( you
should have 8 or 9 openings of about 3/8 of
an inch between openings. with pinched dough
in between each one.
curl the dough into itself by holding one end
and spinning the other end till it looks like
a flat rose , carefull place rose on a cookie
sheet and proceed with remainder. keep at it
till you have used all the dough. let them
set uncovered overnight they will be hard and
dry by the next day.

Prepare the filling.

Place all the filling ingredients except oil
in a saucepan for about an hour or till all
is smooth and liquid, to sample place a
little bit on a cool dish and let cool
completely. If it is the consistancy you like
and will hold it's shape ( it must be firm
enough to set up like thick honey, but nott
to firm where it is lumpy)proceed with
recipe, if not cook down a a bit and then
test again, if by chance it gets too thicj
add more wine and thin again. If you do this
make sure to add the wine a little at a time
because it takes a while for for it to
absorbe the mixture properly. when it is just
right keep it hot over a very low heat
watching it always.

To fry the "Rose"

Heat oil to 375 in a deep 8 inch pan,place 2
or 3 of the roses in at a time and fry till
they are an even very light gold color.
Drain them upside down on a rack with a pan
or kitchen towels underneath. When they are
drained, and still hot submerge each flower
into the filling mixture for a minute or two.
Carefully lift them out with tongs or a
slotted spoon and set right side upwith all
the little openings filled with the jelly
mixture on a draining rack. proceed with the
others and arrange them on a plate. before
serving they should be sprinkled with a bit
of ground cinnamon and if you feel like a bit
of cloves, then if you want you can toos a
handful of thousands and millions on.

I am sure you can make this eaiser if you
feel like it maybe not doing the poke and
twist thig, maybe just cutting them out, Is
this what you remember?
Sorry the husband is un-internet, perhaps you
can make him run some errands while you are
home and then take a sneak.
Have a very Merry Christmas.
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1. ohmygosh, THANK YOU! I remember these from Christmas in Italian homes, all the "Mamas" made them. thanks so much. :-) (Randi/I feel a Snoopy dance coming on :-))
1. Sharon, Bless your soul, the thought of having to re-post that monster was scary! (nt) (marg in pa)
2. THANK YOU for posting this! More FRC... (Claire In Kelsey)

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