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Posted to Thread #11491 at 1:10 pm on Jul 26, 2008

Sorry, it is all South African sort of humour.....slap (pronounced sl-UP) chips are a favourite there eaten with malt vinegar and salt, home made and limp not terrible brown (It takes a special knack to make them I think)........we used to sail in the cold water......hobie cats, windsurfing etc and afterwards a shot or two of "OU'BEES" old brown sherry and a serving of slap chips was prolly the best thing...
but lots of folk who live there love slap chips too even if they don't sail...

Cape Aguhlas is the Southern most tip of the whole African continent...(we happened to sail there a lot and had a holiday house there too) at the wee windswept beach-shack restuarant they served slap chips.

Melk Tert is as South African as any bobotie or potjie etc...basically a custard tart.

Soooo being home-sick and thinking of Lana and her crunchie posts, getting slap chips delivered from the restuarant here in the Caribbean (when they are usually brown and very crisp) had my wacky sense of humour (and boredom too, I guess) go off kilter.....

This happens ... if one is not from a certain part of the globe a few short sentences are not understood easily by all....sorry for the loooong explanation.

Wine does not make you fat, it makes you lean/against walls, tables, chairs, floors and ugly people.

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