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Crowder, cow peas, or cream peas.....

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Posted to Thread #11506 at 6:38 pm on Jul 27, 2008

my opinion is they are starchier hence the name cream peas. I just put some up the other day myself.

Typically you want the greener pods as they start to turn yellowish/whitish as they get too mature for cooking fresh (I am basing this on the varieties my family raised, who knows what is out there now since everything seems to come in so many colors). Make sure the pods are moist & supple, not dry and they don't pop open too easily. Those are signs of ones that are overgrown. They are fine but you would typically dry those and store them and cook like any other dried beans. They will always be crowded in the shell hence the name crowder peas. Should have little to now eye. Youshould feel moisture as you glide your finger along the inside when shelling.

The way I cook them is just rinse and pick through them well. Put in a pot large enough to have twice as much water as beans. Add a piece or two of salt pork (or bacon, or ham hock). Simmer slowly for a couple of hours. Don't salt until near the end. Actually, after they start to soften, I add a Knorr chicken bouillion cube to all my fresh beans. My grandmother always put a huge chunk of oleo but I use butter. That's pretty much it - just keep adding water so that you have a good bit of pot liquer to serve with some cornbread.

Use leftover beans to make a cold pea salad and pea cakes or fritters.

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