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Women and heart attacks

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Posted to Thread #11518 at 8:14 pm on Jul 28, 2008

A friend of mine called me today to tell me the symptoms she had just before possibly having attack over the weekend.

She said they went to bed but she couldn’t sleep….so she got up to eat something, thinking it would help but it didn’t. She stayed up and not long after she felt really nauseas and broke out in a sweat.

She took an aspirin to see what that would do, if anything and asked her husband to call 911. She just felt like she would need help.

They took her to the hosp. and found one of her arteries was 95% closed. They told her taking the aspirin was the best thing she did for herself. They transferred her to another hospital to clean out the artery and sent her home.

She is feeling fine today, they told her she could do everything but drive for the week.

She asked me to let everyone know her symptoms because as women we hear that our symptoms are different. She is a non-smoker and non-drinker. My deceased mother in law drank socially, had smoked previously and was a diabetic after age 70…her symptom was pain in the left back shoulder blade; but no one guessed that was a sign until it was too late.

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