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Too easy! Shape your dough how you want it and just lay it on the

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grill. Hubby always preheats the grill (did I mention we have a gas grill?)and then wipes it with oil. As soon as the dough is on the grill he drops the heat to low. He just lets it cook until there are nice grill marks and is lightly browned. We don't like our pizza real thin so it will depend on your thickness how long that will take. Ours..about a minute. The smoked Gouda takes a little longer to melt than most other cheeses so he turns the grill off under it and cranks up the other side of the grill to high. Then it kinda becomes an oven and that Gouda can have the time it takes to melt without ruining the pizza dough. (Have I mentioned that I have baked a cake in the grill?) Any other cheese melts at about the same time that it takes to cook the dough. You'll know when it's done.

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