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Richard in Cincy

Ha! I have a large pump "uzi" water gun filled

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Posted to Thread #11527 at 7:28 pm on Jul 30, 2008

with a diluted vinegar mixture that I carry with me when I go into the garden. Pups steer clear. LOL Otherwise, they'd be running through it non-stop playing chase, especially when I'm busy weeding and not paying attention to them (a never ending job). Yup, I LOVE the blue and purple pelargoniums.

I've got the garden blooming from March through November now as things come and go. May is our challenging month here as it's the between time of the spring bulbs and the summer perennials, but the alliums, dutch iris, waldmeister, german iris, and columbines are really coming through for me. I love having people over during this "down" time and hearing them comment on my gardends.

Fun stuff.

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