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My frig gave up today. So now I'm on the prowl. I understand that the bottom freezers are more

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Posted to Thread #11578 at 3:04 am on Aug 4, 2008

efficient, but does anyone hate them? I've had 3 side-by-sides, and this one that died today, lasted 32 years. I am so accustomed to having my frozen food all sorted, up and down, in front of me. Is it difficult to get used to a drawer now?

Is there still lots of room to put a frozen turkey in, or something bulky like that?

I have to make a decision tomorrow. I have another frig but it sure can't hold all this stuff. The raccoons will be well-fed over the next 2 days.

Anyone's help would be appreciated. I'm considering the the it seems to be getting good reviews. I really want pull-out shelves.

I have to pull off all the upper shelves on one side of my kitchen to accommodate the higher frigs now. What a headache.


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