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Review of Nutmeg Doughnut Muffins - Mmm!

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Posted to Thread #11950 at 1:31 am on Sep 14, 2008

Whoops - I hit return too soon!

As soon as I saw the recipe that charlie posted:

I printed it out and it landed on top of the to-try pile. Then I read the link that Pat posted in the same thread to another version of the recipe, plus the accompanying article from Fine Cooking:

Basically - the recipe charlie posted is the the halved version of the one printed in Fine Cooking, but the biggest difference is that it advises rolling the muffins in powdered sugar vs cinnamon sugar as the Fine Cooking recipe states. I figured I'd try both ways - all in the interests of food science, of course!

This recipe will definitely become part of my regular repertoire - and we had a tie between favoring cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar -taste wise, and in the looks department, cinnamon sugar wins hands down, so try both!

Let's see if I can get my picture to post here:

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And here is one of the Taste Testers:

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