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Wow. The Similans are incredible...and a live aboard would be sublime! In the Andaman Sea

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I've got a fantasy about diving the Andaman Islands. They're between India and Thailand, owned by India. But they're lowlying and I understand they were badly damaged in the Tsunami. As remote as those islands are, I wonder how the recovery is coming along.

In Thailand, food has this incredible role in the culture. I've spent several trips there. At one point, I was on a rafting trip in the North. The rafting company was owned by a French guy who told me that in the off season, his tours were popular with the Thais but they were SO particular about food, he ended up sending all his river rafting guides to a cooking school. He considered it a necessary aspect of his the bare minimum. If the food is not up to Thai standards, he was quite convinced of a loss in reputation that would have a serious impact to his business.

Then a couple years ago, I went back to Northern Thailand and took a few full-day cooking classes and an evening vegetable and fruit carving class. Apparently art classes in school include carving the intricate flowers and such in fruits. And my instructor, in her downtime, that was what she did. She was always looking for new ways to carve various vegetables and fruits. I had a chance to hang out with her and another cooking school instructor. We went to dinner and it was interesting to see their reaction to the food. Just like the chefs I know here...very analytical and analyzing how they would change things if they made that dish instead. It was too much fun!

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