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20 years ago, I know Mexico and South America did NOT have to follow any of the rules

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and restrictions set down by our government--at least with regard to apples.

I was at a food convention in Chicago in 1987 and was asking a representative from the Washington State apple group why all Granny Smiths seem to have tiny brown pin-point spots inside them.

He explained that most Granny Smiths came from Mexico and South American and that they could ship them whenever they wanted. American growers are mandated to leave the apples ON THE TREE for a certain number of days before they are allowed to pick them. Shorter growing/picking periods meant foreign growers could flood the market with cheaper produce while American growers had to leave their produce on the trees. American growers are also restricted in what they can spray on trees, while the imported foods had no restrictions.

For the current situation: I have no clue how valid any of this information is since it's so old, but I KNOW that trip made a difference for me in buying apples. From that point on, I started buying local or from health food stores. And try to buy while in season.

I have given in to Braeburns from Australia when they are fresh---since they come in months before our apples are ready. What can I say? I'm weak. Call me Eve.

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