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Here's a few more tips that are fun, Since you twisted my arm Sandi

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Silly Putty (toy): Used to collect cat fur and lint- flatten silly putty into a pancake and pat the surface~ Used to strengthen hands and forearm muscles-squeeze silly putty for ten minutes every day

Toothpaste: removes ink spots from cloth-squeeze toothpaste (colgate) on spot, scrup, and rinse thoroughly. Removes crayon from walls-Brush the marks with colgate on an old toothbrush and gently scrub marks. Remove scuffs from shoes-apply colgate with a tissue ruba and wipe off. Fill small holes in walls, dab colgate on hole and fill.

Lipton Tea Bags: Highlight brown hair- Rinse hair with brewed lipton tea for golden highlights. Relieves sunburn pain- Pat your sunburn with wet Lipton tea bags, Reduces swelling under eyes ~ brew tea, steep tea bags, let cool a quick bit then place over eyes til bags are cooled. Deodorizes stuffy rooms- Mix one quart brewed tea and four TBS lemon juice, strain through a coffee filter and store in empty spray bottles.Cleans varnished woodwork= cold lipton tea is a good cleaning agent for any kind of wood work.

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