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Heheh - thanks. Yes, they suggested $1 each, so we settled on 75 cents and we

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Posted to Thread #12357 at 11:35 pm on Oct 25, 2008

could bring it down if they weren't "moving". When I left (3 hours later) only 5 had been sold. Discouraging to say the least. Or maybe I should say " Boooo Hooo!"

I know you never get what it costs you in time and supplies at these types of things, and you do it so other people will get some enjoyment out of them instead. 'Guess that wasn't the case either.

Like Martha Stewart said about pies - if they don't sell at $5, raise the price to $15 and they will fly off the shelf. Maybe .75 WAS too low!

Now I'm gonna go eat worms - which were also a part of the goodies ;o) At lease *I* had fun making them, and I have a few left over for the kids. And now I know how to make fondant, and have a wad big enough to make some more of these for a Halloween party later this week.

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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