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Posted to Thread #12633 at 3:10 am on Nov 16, 2008

I just got home a bit ago. Had a great time today at the sale. The whole thing was a bit of a let-down, though. I found out too late that it wasn't open to the public, but only to bank employees on Friday, then employees and their families and friends today. I couldn't believe it wasn't advertised and open to the public!

But, all in all, I sold a lot for the amount of people who came. I brought back a lot of candy, which is already spoken for by my cousin for her restaurant that I've mentioned before and the coffee roastery in our town. I'll be delivering it to them on Monday.

People raved over the my goods and I made some wonderful new friends and had such a good time today! (I couldn't man my space yesterday as they had a committee to do it since most sellers were bank employees and were on the clock)

I bought a wonderful Gingerbread house for my granddaughter for only $20!! I really hit it off with the baker/seller who made them totally from scratch. She had lived in Detroit prior to moving here and had owned a bakery. Of course there was NO WAY she made any profit but she said she sold enough to at least pay her expenses. Marilyn, they were not on your level but the details on them were very fine and I was impressed with her workmanship.

Nearly every vendor I spoke with was disappointed in the way the event was executed but this was basically a trial run and hopefully, they learned a lot from it. (I'd like to organize next years!!! haha)

I still have to unload my car and it's very cold - probably in the 30's - and I'm very tired. So will tell more later.

Thanks for all the well wishes! I'll post a couple of pix asap, which will probably be Mon or Tues as we will be going to see our granddaughter tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks, all!

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