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Sarah in Charleston

Spectacular Grilled salmon (5/19/1997 Gail's)

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Posted to Thread #1 at 5:14 pm on Dec 17, 2005

1 whole salmon or 2 matching salmon fillets
lots of fresh herbs still on the stems - dill, rosemary,
thyme, sage. parsley, oregano and basil
1 lemon, thinly sliced
melted butter
4 or 5 pieces of string

Put one fillet skin side down on the counter.
Brush with butter, cover with lemon slices.
Put other fillet on top, skin side up.
Put string dowm on counter.
Cover one side of fish with the herbs.
Turn this over onto the string.
Now cover the other side with herbs.
Tie this all up wiith the string.
Squirt some lemon juice on each side if you like.
Make sure everyone sees the fish at this point.

On a covered grill, grill this about 10 minutes to
the inch of fish thickness.
When you take the herbs off the skin will come off
also. You will love it.

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