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How to embed a link within a message post

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Posted to Thread #152 at 7:11 pm on May 21, 2012

Embedding the links was easy, color and underlining them took some tweaking

Getting them underlined and in color - it was fighting me. Had trouble getting it to let me end the color/underline, so it may give you some fits like it did me. (I swear I do know how to write code, but it was ignoring me.)

Note: actual code is without the spacing -- I had to add spaces between the < > and code inside so it's not live/you could see it.

The code to embed a link is:

< a href="http://www.your link">name you want to call it here < /a > You could just do this and then just say xyz is a link. It's quick and easy.

The code to underline something is:

< u >

A code to color something blue is:

< font color="blue" >

So for example a whole string looks like:
< a href=""> Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home < /font color="blue" > < /u > < /a >


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