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How to post photos via

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Posted to Thread #69 at 3:51 am on Jun 16, 2006

Go to:

Login: Finer_Kitchens
Password: Thanks_Mimi

(The caps and the underscore must be used)

You'll get an Image Page.

Click on the "Submit Multiple Images" and click on the number of pictures you want to upload. (Or you can do it the hard way, and upload one at a time.)

Then click on "Browse" if the pictures are on your computer. Look for the directory your pictures are on. Name your pictures in the "Sub-Album" box on the bottom. It'll create an album for your pics.

Hit "Submit".

Once your photos are submitted, Scroll down, and it'll show you each pic with a "URL", "Tag" and an "Img" for each picture.

Copy the "URL" into the "Image URL" in your Finer Kitchens post.

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