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Where in the world are you? Place your pin...

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Posted to Thread #76 at 6:49 pm on Jul 31, 2006

on the map at the link, and we can see where you all live!

I think you have to enter a message for it to be submitted. You'll get an option to "place your pin" it, and when the map comes up, just click on "post" and hit "ok", then place your pin (and message). If you need to place a pin but there doesn't seem to be enough room for you, you can hit the "+" (zoom in) sign a couple of times to give you a more detailed map, with more room for you. And if you want, click on one of the icons (male/female).

This should be fun, except I think there is a maximum of 100 entries.

"See" you on the map!

Link: Place Your Pin!

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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