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Brazilian-style Black Bean Stew [pg 269]

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Serves 8 as main dish
Made exactly as published

Also known as feijoada.

2 pounds dried black beans (do not use canned)
10 cups water
6 slices lean bacon [oxymoron], chopped fine
1 pound lean boneless beef chuck, 2" pieces
1 pound dried Spanish chorizo, 1" pieces
1/2 pound Canadian bacon or smoked pork butt, 1" pieces
1/4 C olive oil
1.5 C finely chopped onions
1 TBL finely chopped garlic
1 28-oz can whole tomatoes, drained and chopped
2 TBL minced jalapeno (fresh or pickled)
1/2 pound kale, deveined, finely chopped
1/2 C long grain rice
1/2 C chopped fresh cilantro
1/3 C fresh orange juice

Paraphrasing instructions:
1. Either soak beans overnight in water or boil 2 minutes, cover, let sit 1 hour, drain, continue.
2. Add soaked beans to 10 C water, add regular bacon. Bring to boil, lower to simmer 45 minutes.
3. Add beef, cover, simmer 45 minutes. Skim if necessary
4. Add chorizo and Canadian bacon (or pork), cover and simmer until beans are done (~30 minutes)
5. Heat oil. Add onions and garlic and saute 8 min. Add tomatoes, jalapeno, seasoning and simmer for 5 minutes.
6. Remove 2 cups of beans and smash. Add to onions. Add 2 cups of bean liquid. Simmer 15 minutes.
7. Add onion mix to bean/meat mix, add kale and rice, simmer for 20 minutes.
8. Add cilantro, orange juice and adjust seasoning.

Serve with warm tortillas, white rice and salad.

Mar's Notes: Okey doke. First off, that serving amount is INSANELY OFF THE MARK. When this was all done, I had over 11 pounds of feijoada. Which means the only 8 people on the planet THAT hungry would be the Brazilian soccer team, binge-eating out of frustration after losing the World Cup.

My photo shows an 8 oz serving...and that's without a side of rice. It would be more than enough for a dinner portion.

The other image shows the completed recipe, minus the 8 oz serving at the bottom. I did this to cool it off quicker so I could go to bed while it was still the same day I started this.

Oh, by the way, the bright red pieces on top are not's a few extra chorizo I bought this morning to add because the overall coloring was so bland!

My take on this: It's good, but not worth all the expensive meat. The chorizo is the star, while the chuck is a waste of money. If I were to do this again, I would braise the chuck separately with caramelized onions and seasoning and then add it back in. Just dumping lumps of raw meat in boiling water with beans does NOTHING for it. Same with the bacon added to the beans and all that water. 10 cups of water...That's like throwing a tsp of salt into a swimming pool.

I honestly don't get all the "lean" restrictions: lean bacon, lean chuck (is that even possible?), Canadian bacon unless they were trying to limit the fat and or sodium content.

Speaking off...they give you no clue as to how much salt to add. I started with 1 tsp and ended up adding another 1.5 tsp >> so 2.5 teaspoons total. I guess it would depend on the meats you use.

I did the quick boil method for the bean and managed to watch several episodes of Doctor Who (Matt Smith) while popping up and down out of my chair stepping through this recipe. It was a little scary on how hard I had to reign myself in to follow the recipe as written.

Finished product:
The 1/3 C of fresh orange juice is lost amidst 11 pounds of meat, beans, tomatoes, onions and kale. I'd rather go with the Spanish option of adding a splash of red wine vinegar to black beans.
The kale was also lost in the flavor round-about. How do you lose 8 oz of kale flavor?
I don't like big chunks of meat in stew. I guess they didn't want it to degrade in all the boiling water, but I prefer serving portions to be just that. I don't want guests having to reduce a hunk of meat with their spoon.
I didn't add the Tabasco...sometimes it's taste is bitter to me. Overall, the dish wasn't spicy at all considering the fresh jalapeno and spicy chorizo.
It would work well for a party if the lights were low and no one cared about greyish brown food.

Just serve LOTS of caipirinhas.

Cost: ~$40

2 pounds dried black beans: $3.40
6 slices lean bacon $3.00
1 pound lean boneless beef chuck $6.50
1 pound dried chorizo $12.30
1/2 pound Canadian bacon $5
olive oil $.50
onions: $.75
garlic $.40
1 28-oz can whole tomatoes $2
2 TBL minced jalapeno $.25
1/2 pound kale: $2
1/2 C long grain rice $.50
1/2 C chopped fresh cilantro $2 [edited-this was for the bunch, which I used at least half of]
1/3 C fresh orange juice $.80

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