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Pommes Dauphine, p 569

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Posted to Thread #1 at 9:25 pm on Sep 21, 2014

The classic tortured food dish. The potatoes are poked, baked, scooped, riced, blended with cream puff batter, piped, and deep fried. But my are these babies ever good (they're basically deep fried mashed potatoes). We've been making these for years using the Cordon Bleu recipe. They are a stunning show stopper accompanying a roast for company dinners. We pipe them out on squares of waxed paper using a large star tip into large S shapes. I love watching the guests when they get their plates. They are all over the potatoes. I haven't checked with my usual recipe, but this is pretty much the classic recipe.

Bonus: I had 3 cups of beef fat that went into the fryer.


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