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Major Fail on the Lake Country Pear And Walnut Cake (#28047 above), but MY FAULT. . .

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Posted to Thread #97 at 6:46 pm on Oct 10, 2015

Easy cake to put together; hardest thing was having to heat the oven (hot here the night I baked it), cut the pears up, and toast the walnuts. I had to be extra cautious toasting the walnuts as I have taste all too many burnt walnuts when judging, ick.

As it is an oil cake, everything was quick and easy to put together.. I cooked it in a 13 x 9" glass pan and the pan was placed on wet towels on a cookie sheet to keep the glass from overcooking the edges and bottom.

The thing cooked just fine, but appeared to me to be done at about 35-40 minutes. It was supposed to cook about 55 mintues. Like a fool I took it out early,, twenty minutes early, and I did not test!!! And, of course, the thing was under-cooked and had the texture of a soft bread pudding, or just a pudding. All my fault!

It was tasty, and those who had some ate it all; it was flavorful by itself or with some vanilla ice cream on the side. One of my guests loved it and had seconds. I did not like it because it should have been a CAKE, but it was my fault that it was NOT a cake. The flavor was nice, I liked the spices and the fruit and toasted nuts. BUT I did pick up some grittyness from the pear skins (though no one else did); next time I will peel the pears. It really reminded me of a gingerbread with pears and nuts added.

--There will be a next time, perhaps with some golden raisins added, and MORE toasted walnuts!

And as I ramble on, I think this would be impressive as a bundt cake or in a loaf form.

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